What is more convenient: to buy a set of bed linen or combine separately purchased pillowcases, duvet covers and sheets? Of course, sets are more comfortable. And more interesting - to choose and combine everything separately.

And although among the assortment of bed sets now there are options for every taste, we can't deny ourselves the opportunity to fantasize. And on this, we are impelled by our own creative mind, as well as by quite domestic issues. For example, the eternal problem: the spouses can not divide the quilt. In order to solve this, you need to buy two duvet covers. But what kind? After all, you want to go to sleep and wake up surrounded by beautiful ...

Enjoyable House

Combinations of colors in the bed

Buying on Enjoyable House individual items of bed linen, try to at least minimally respect the harmony of colors. Here are simple and win-win combinations. Different shades of the same color. Let's say the sheet - a deep orange, duvet cover - peach, and pillowcases - a couple of shades lighter. You can also buy two items of the same color (duvet cover and pillowcase), leaving a contrasting color for one (bed sheet). Due to the play of halftones bedding will turn out more airy and attractive in appearance.

Mixed colors

This is a great way to decorate the bed in a contrasting, but at the same time harmonious way. The boundaries here are slightly distorted, the opposites are soft and stylish. We are talking about the friendship of adjacent colors, for example, cool lavender and warm lilac, orange and yellow, emerald and grass.


Here it is important to show prudence and not to choose too obvious contrasts. So, instead of the combination "white + black" you can choose "white + dark gray. Also successful combinations for bedding: "chocolate + sky blue", "pistachio + whitened yellow".

bed sheet

If you see that the contrast is too striking, balance it by adding a third neutral shade. The danger of too bright contrast is that it will not let you relax and fall asleep in a serene mood.

We've talked only about colors, but not everyone likes to sleep on monochrome bedding...

Combinations of pictures of sets

There are no other patterns and pictures on the bedclothes: flowers, cartoon animal characters, abstractions, geometric shapes... It is much more difficult to combine them in harmony than colors.

In this regard in the design environment there is an unspoken "rule of three": combine not two, but three patterns, and then success awaits you! In bed linen it is not so easy. If you happen to come across pillowcases in, say, a floral print and a striped border, consider yourself lucky. Now you can buy one item, respectively, in stripes and the other with flowers.

pillowcases and duvet cover

In 99% of cases, the third "ornament" is a monochrome stain, which will dilute the mottled patterns and bring overall harmony to the composition. The main rule here is absolutely identical color scheme.

And also try the same game on contrasts. For example, buy pillowcases and duvet cover in yellow with a sparse white stripe, and a sheet in white with a large yellow stripe. Use just two colors, but several patterns.

Bedding made up with your own hands is a harbinger of a good night's sleep. It is not for nothing that the trend to buy all of its elements individually is so popular. You do not need to buy several sets. In fact, you can buy different elements, and even so that they make up two or three completely different sets. Start experimenting now!